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Målet med onlinemöten? Sömlösa samarbeten. Och det är precis det som du får med FreeConferenceCall.com videokonferenser och skärmdelning. Anordna ditt nästa onlinemöte med vår gratis skrivbordsapp eller öppna genom Web Viewer (endast full funktionalitet med Chromebook™). Och öka kapaciteten - ditt gratis konto stödjer konferenser med upp till 1,000 deltagare.

Få kraftfullare onlinemöten - gratis

FreeConferenceCall.com onlinemöten med videokonferenser och skärmdelning är ett kraftfullt sätt att samarbeta var du än befinner dig och från vilken enhet som helst. Så här står vi upp mot våra konkurrenter.

Egenskap/funktion FreeConferenceCall.com GoToMeeting Zoom Join.me
Audio Conferencing 1,000 GRATIS deltagare
VoIP: inkluderat
Tull: inkluderat
Tullfritt: 2¢/min
50 gratis deltagare (14-dagars provtid)
VoIP: inkluderat
Tull: inkluderat
Tullfritt: 8¢/min
50 gratis deltagare (14-dagars provtid) 50 gratis deltagare (14-dagars provtid)
Videokonferenser 1,000 GRATIS deltagare 50 gratis deltagare (14-dagars provtid) 100 gratis deltagare 10 gratis deltagare (14-dagars provtid)
Skärmdelning 1,000 GRATIS deltagare 50 gratis deltagare (14-dagars provtid) 100 gratis deltagare 10 gratis deltagare (14-dagars provtid)
Tidsbegränsningar Obegränsat Obegränsat (14-dagars gratis provtid) 40 minuter Obegränsat (14-dagars provtid)
Funktioner för ljudkonferenser
Internationella uppringningsnummer Gratis Betala Betala Betala
Webbkontroller Gratis Betala Gratis Betala
Grupprum Gratis Gratis Betala
Radioströmning Gratis
Funktioner för videokonferenser
Multivideo-flöde Gratis Betala Betala
Aktiv-talar-teknologi Gratis Gratis
Anslut endast som åhörare Gratis Gratis
Anslut via telefon Gratis Betala Gratis Betala
Funktioner för skärmdelning
Byt presentatör Gratis Betala Gratis Betala
Fjärrstyrning Gratis Betala Gratis Betala
Whiteboarding Gratis Betala Gratis Betala
Inspelning av ljud, video och skärmdelning Gratis Betala Gratis Betala
Skapa presentationer Gratis Betala
Enkel nedladdning, uppspelning och delning Gratis Betala Betala Betala
Broadcaster Gratis Betala
Bibliotek med inspelade filer Gratis Betala
Sökord Gratis
Automatiska transkriberingar Gratis
Storage 1 GB Gratis Betala Betala Betala
Sidanpassning Gratis Betala Betala Betala
Filuppladdning Gratis Betala Betala Betala
Säkerhet Gratis Betala Gratis Betala
Chat Gratis Betala Gratis Betala
Q&A Gratis Betala Betala Betala
Mobil åtkomst Gratis Betala Betala Betala
Deltagarna behöver inga nedladdningar (Web Viewer) Gratis Betala Betala Betala
24/7 kundservice Gratis Gratis Betala Betala

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting an online meeting is easy. With FreeConferenceCall.com, all you need to begin is a free account. Once you have your account, follow these steps for starting your meeting.

1. Download the FreeConferenceCall.com mobile or desktop app. Available on both Android and iOS.

2. Launch the FreeConferenceCall.com app.

3. Invite attendees by sending your meeting credentials to your participants. Your meeting credentials include a website URL, an online meeting ID or your dial-in number and access code.

4. At the time of your meeting, click "Host" and select your preferred audio output to start your meeting. Your attendees can arrive through the app or by visiting your meeting URL.

Virtual online meetings offer many benefits. In addition to its flexibility, online meetings are accessible, affordable and convenient for meeting attendees.

Online meetings can be easily accessed through a computer or mobile device, making it especially flexible for users to use whether they’re in the office, at home or on the go.

Joining an online meeting with FreeConferenceCall.com is absolutely free, helping people save money on software and travel costs. With a computer or smartphone and access to Wi-Fi, anyone can host or join an online meeting on our network absolutely free.

FreeConferenceCall.com users can host an online meeting anytime, anywhere internet access is available at absolutely no cost, making our platform the best of its kind.

Yes. Free web conferencing and online meetings are all free with FreeConferenceCall.com. Once you’ve signed up for a free account and downloaded the desktop or mobile app, you’ll instantly have access to hosting an online meeting to anyone in the world.

A virtual meeting, also known as an online meeting or web meeting, is a space on the internet where two or more people can communicate with one another over the web. An online meeting can be a video meeting, an audio-only meeting, or a presentation.

FreeConferenceCall.com offers free virtual meetings without limits. Sign up to get started.

A standard US account with FreeConferenceCall includes online conferencing with up to 1,000 participants. For access to larger online meeting rooms, reach out to our customer support team.

Yes! Visit our downloads page to get the online meeting app on Android and iOS