Thanks for Your Feedback! Here Are the Answers to Your FAQs

Thanks to all the people who completed the survey and shared their experiences. We got some important feedback and read some amazing stories about how you use our service.

We’ve compiled our responses to your frequently asked questions and comments below. We hope you'll find this information helpful!

When will you have video conferencing? And will it still be free?

You’re in luck! We already have video conferencing, and it’s free for up to 1,000 participants. You can view up to five participants at a time with video multifeed. To start a video conference using the desktop app, download and follow these easy steps:

1. Launch the desktop application.
2. Click Host and login with your existing email address and password.
3. Click the Camera icon on the meeting dashboard.
4. Choose to dial in over the telephone (recommended) or through VoIP on your computer.
5. When the Camera turns green, your video is live.

Is always free?

No one should ever have to pay to use If you or your participants ever hear a pre-recorded message about additional charges, hang up, download our free mobile app, and try again. You shouldn't have any issues.

I can't figure out how to record.

Probably the easiest and most visible way to record is through the Meeting Dashboard (desktop app). Click Record and two things will happen: 1) your participants will be informed that the conference is being recorded, and 2) the Record button will turn red. When the meeting ends, you will immediately receive a link to your recording. Other ways to record include phone keypad commands and web controls.

Tip: You can set your conferences to be automatically recorded. Log in to your account. Navigate to your Meeting Wall. Select Web Controls. Open Meeting Settings. Next to Recordings, select Auto in the dropdown menu.

How do I get more recording space?

No need to fret! Creating more recording space is simple. Purchase extra recording storage from your online account information page for a minimal monthly charge. Or, you can store your existing recordings on your computer or drop them into Evernote or Dropbox to free up storage in your account.

I want a dashboard to monitor live audio, video and screen sharing meetings.

No problem! Try using our Web Controls to manage your meetings. Log in to your online account, navigate to your Meeting Wall and click Web Controls. Add names to participant numbers, change your default meeting settings, mute or place individuals on hold, drop participants, record, start a Q&A session, and more.

Tip: You can also edit phone numbers to appear as names from the Meeting Dashboard (desktop app). Click Attendee List and hover over the participant. Click the down arrow. Enter a name in the field and click Set Name.

Can I get my own conference phone number or get rid of access codes?

You can do both. Log in to your account. On your account information page, scroll down to find One Number listed under Premium Features. For $3.95/month, you'll get a personal conference line and connect without access codes. As the host, you will also receive text notifications to a verified mobile device when the first participant calls in.

I would like more integrations with online tools.

We support a variety of integrations, and we’re always looking to add more. Keep checking back to see what's new! Here are the integrations we currently offer:

Can I make another participant a presenter during a screen sharing session or control a participant's computer screen?

Great question. As host, you can switch presenter to allow another participant to screen share — or use remote control to take over a participant’s screen. Here’s how:  From the Meeting Dashboard (desktop app), click Attendee List (people group icon) and hover over a participant’s name. Click down arrow and select Switch Presenter or Remote Control.

Will you be getting an instant messaging feature?

Actually, you can instant message right now using the desktop app, the mobile app and through your Meeting Wall. During a live conference, send a private message to a participant or chat to the whole group. Just look for the chat bubble on your Meeting Dashboard.

Do you offer live support, classes, personal trainings or tutorials?

Our award-winning customer care team is available 24/7 to answer any and all question or concerns you may have. Just call (844) 844-1322. We also hold live trainings every weekday. Visit Live Training for a full list of topics and times. In addition, we offer video tutorials and downloadable host instructions and participant instructions.

Do you have feedback to share with Take our survey. Once again, thanks to everyone who participated in our survey. Your responses are invaluable to our efforts at improving our service.

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