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Same Great Account, Better Dial-in Experience

Adding One Number to your FreeConferenceCall account makes it easy for participants to join your conference call. No pin. Get rid of the access codes and get your personal conference number. One Number enables a seamless audio conferencing, video conferencing, and screen sharing experience.

SMS Notifications

Imagine forgetting about a meeting you organized - that would be embarrassing right? With One Number, hosts can enable texts notifications and receive an SMS as soon as the first participant connects to the call. You (ahem) might never be late again.

Step 1: Participants call One Number

Participants call a dial-in number to be instantly connected to the conference without entering an access code.

Step 2: Host receives text message

Host receives a text message alert to a verified mobile number when the first participant joins the conference.

Step 3: Host clicks reminder link

Host clicks the link within the text message to automatically dial the number and start the call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Avoid the hassle of dealing with access codes and go with Free Conference Call. No pin conferencing, what we call our “One Number,” makes it easier for participants to join a conference directly without fumbling with codes or extra gateways.

One Number works best with users who aren’t as tech savvy or want to avoid lengthy access dial-in prompts.

One Number is pinless conferencing. Users that enable One Number eliminate the access code to their conference room. Those with One Number own one standard 10-digit US phone number to their conference.

This feature makes it easier for attendees to join your conference without needing to deal with access codes with 6 to 10 extra digits.

When a user arrives into your conference, a SMS text message will be sent to the mobile phone number you set.

When you enable One Number, your conference line will be free of both the prompt and access codes.