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Top Three Questions Asked
How do I access my account information?

To access your account information, please locate the confirmation e-mail we sent when you signed up. To access your account on our website, click the Log In button in the top right corner and use your e-mail and password. If you do not have your password, click the “Forgot Your Password” link from the Log In page. On the next page, click “Get My Meeting Credentials”. Provide your e-mail address and click “Submit”. We will send you an e-mail with your password. If you have your Conference Number, Access Code/Meeting ID and PIN, click the “I Don't Have a Password” from the Log In page and fill out the provided fields to log in to your account.

How do I set-up a conference call?

After logging into your account, invite your attendees via e-mail, using the invite form. You may also use the Google Calendar™ or Outlook® Plug-in. Notify participants of the date and time of your conference call and provide your Dial-In Number and Access Code. At the scheduled time, everyone calls the Dial-In Number and enters the Access Code followed by the pound (#) sign. If you are the host, you will be required to enter the Host PIN followed by the pound sign.

Note: Download the Google Gadget™ or Outlook Plug-in® to embed your conference call information in your calendar invitations.

How do I record my Conference Call or Online Meeting?

There are three options:

1. Record by phone

Dial in as the Host (after dialing the conference number, follow the Access Code with the star key * and enter Host PIN when prompted). To start recording, press *9 to initiate the recording and 1 to confirm. To stop and save the recording, press *9 again and 1 to confirm.

2. Record using web controls

During a live conference call, log in to your account. Go to your Meeting Wall and select Web Controls, located at the bottom of the page. Turn the recording option “On”. To stop and save the recording, turn the recording option “Off”.

3. Record during a screen sharing meeting

During your screen sharing meeting, click on the ‘Record' icon located in the right hand side menu of your dashboard. This will start recording your screen sharing meeting and your conference call. To stop and save the recording, click on that icon again. If you do not have the application for screen sharing, download it now.

Note: To access your recordings, log in to your account, select ‘Profile' and go to the 'History & Recordings' tab. On the next page, you can playback, share, download, delete and lock any recordings. You and your participants can also use the playback number (listed on the Account Info. page) to call in and listen to recordings over the telephone.

Account Information
What are the costs of a account? accounts are 100% free! Your account includes the following features: FREE unlimited HD audio conferencing, screen sharing and video conferencing for up to 1,000 participants, international calling across the globe, in-call controls, recording and playback, radio streaming, detailed reporting, site customization, device compatibility, top-notch security, and more!

Note: Your phone carrier may apply normal long distance charges. We also have paid but optional premium features.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch! You have no advertisements, no quality issues, no hidden fees, no sales pitches, no contracts, no purchases required, no privacy problems, no limitations or restrictions, and no surprises!

What is a Call Detail Report?

Call Detail Reports are sent by email after every meeting takes place. The report includes attendee information such as the individual time spent on each call and other meeting details.

My Call Detail Reports display 'anonymous' as a caller ID, what does that mean?

An anonymous caller ID displays on your Call Detail Reports when the calling party has blocked the telephone number they are calling from.

HD Audio Conferencing
Is there a limit to how many times I can use the same account?

No! You can use your account as many times as you would like.

Do I need to reserve a time for the conference call?

No reservations are needed! You can Host a conference call 24/7.

How many attendees can be in a single conference call?

You may have a maximum of 1,000 attendees on a conference call unless you are using our Event services allowing you to have more attendees.

Is there a limit on the length of a conference call?

Each conference call can only be 6 hours long. However, you have an unlimited number of calls. Through our Event services you can have longer calls.

How do I eliminate static or echo on my conference calls?

Often, this is caused by using or placing a mobile device too close to a computer or speakerphone. However, if you continue to experience static or echo on your conferencing line, please use the *5 key to mute all callers. For participants that wish to speak, have them press *6 to un-mute their line. Please refrain from using speakers, headsets, cordless phones, etc. if you encounter static or echo.

Online Meetings
What are Online Meetings?

With our Online Meetings, you can share your screen, documents, slides, spreadsheets, etc. or use Video Conferencing to meet face-to-face.

Why should I Host Online Meetings?

With Online Meetings, you have the freedom to do more with your time! You have free unlimited HD audio and in-call controls, recording capabilities, streaming capabilities, site customization, and more! Collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

How do I share my screen?
  1. Launch the Application from your desktop.
  2. Click “Host” and log in with your E-mail Address and Password.
  3. Click the Play button on the Meeting Dashboard.
  4. Select the items you want to share
  5. Click “Start Sharing”

Note: If you do not have the Application, Download Now.

What devices are compatible with Online Meetings?

Online Meetings work on all browsers, PCs, Macs, iOS and Android phones and tablets.*

Can an Online Meeting attendee be muted individually?

Yes. Participants can be muted using the Web Controls panel located on your Meeting Wall or the Meeting Dashboard. Go to your Meeting Wall, expand the Web Controls tab, select a participant from the Attendee List and click “Mute” located to the right. Go to the Meeting Dashboard, hover over the participant’s name on the Attendee List and select “Mute”.

Video Conferencing
How Do I Start A Video Conference?
  1. Launch the Application from your desktop.
  2. Click Host and log in with your E-mail Address and Password.
  3. Click the Camera icon on the Meeting Dashboard.
  4. Choose to dial in over the telephone or through VoIP on your computer.
  5. Video is live once the Camera icon turns green.

Note: If you do not have the Application, Download Now.

How Do I See Who is Attending My Video Conference?

On the Meeting Dashboard, click Attendee List to view all participants. You can see who is connected through audio, screen sharing and video.

How Do I Chat with my Participants?

On the Meeting Dashboard, click the Chat icon to speak to the whole group or private message an individual participant.

Web Viewer
What is Web Viewer?

Web Viewer allows participants to join Online Meetings with their web browsers instead of joining via the Desktop Application. No download is necessary.

What features are available to participants with Web Viewer?

Participants can send and receive chat messages, view Attendee List and mute/unmute their own line.

What if my participants have the application downloaded?

If participants have the application installed, the system will automatically detect and launch the application.

Which browsers support Online Meetings?

Internet Explorer® 10 and up and Safari® 6.0 and up support screen sharing. Firefox® 15 and up and Chrome™ 16 and up support screen sharing, VoIP and video conferencing.

How do I join a video conference through my web browser?

When using Firefox® or Chrome™, click the camera that appears in the toolbar. A pop-up will appear requesting access to the camera and microphone. Your video is being shared when the screen is highlighted with a green outline.

Are my calls kept private?

We don’t listen or record any customer calls without their permission.

Are you going to sell my information?

No. Your privacy is our number one priority! (Read our Privacy Policy).

How can I tell who is on my call?

You can view the list of conference call attendees under the Web Controls tab located at your Meeting Wall. You can also get a caller count by pressing *2. For online meetings, an attendee list is available by selecting the Attendee drop down on the Online Meeting Dashboard. Additionally, after the meeting, a Call Detail Report will be emailed to you providing a list of attendees and the length of time they were on the call.

Can I change my password?

Yes. Login to your account and change the password under the “Account Info” tab. You can change your password as frequently as you would like.

International Conference Calling
Can international callers participate? is a global service that can be used around the world. Callers may use any of our International dial-in numbers located under your account information page. We currently have in-country dial-in numbers in 59 countries…and counting.

How much does it cost to call internationally?

Every account includes free international calling, but your phone carrier may apply long distance charges. There will be no bill or charges from for this service.

How do I set up an international conference call?

To set up an international conference call, provide participants with their in-country Dial-In number and Meeting ID. Notify your participants of the date and time of your conference call. At the scheduled time, call your Dial-in Number and Meeting ID followed by the pound sign (#). To activate host controls, enter the Host Pin followed by the pound sign.

If I am in another country, can I use the local number provided on my list of international dial-in numbers?

Yes, you can use the local Dial-in Number in that country. All Dial-in Numbers provided upon registration can be dialed from anywhere in the world. Please note that the Access Code remains the same and connects all callers.

Can I use a calling card to call the conference bridge?

Yes, you can use a calling card to connect to a free conference call at favorable rates.

Recording & Playback
Are all of my calls automatically recorded?

No, you must record every call manually following the directions above.

How do I access my recordings?

You have the following two options:

  1. Login to your account and go to your Meeting Wall. Click the “History and Recordings” tab located at the bottom of the page. You can download, delete, and lock any recordings on this page.
  2. Call the Playback Number located on your Meeting Wall and enter your Access Code followed by the reference number found on the Call Detail Report.
What is a reference number?

A reference number is used to identify each recording. They can be located on the “History and Recordings” tab and on the Call Detail Report sent after each call.

How long will my recording be available?

Recordings will remain available until you delete them from the account. You can also purchase extra storage if you exceed the 1GB of free storage.

Can I download my recordings?

Yes, you can download any recording by accessing the “History and Recordings” tab found on your Meeting Wall.

What’s the storage capacity for my recordings?

You have a maximum of 1 GB per account. However, you can go to your AppStore to purchase extra recording storage at little cost.

How do I edit my recorded conference calls?

Currently, we do not offer editing capabilities. However, we recommend using the editing program Audacity.

Can I email my recording?

Yes! You can either copy the link found under the “History and Recordings” tab or download the file and email it to your attendees.

What are Keywords℠?

With Keywords, you can scan through your conference recordings by viewing a complete list of the key words spoken. For more information, visit our Blog.

What are the costs involved in using Keywords℠?

The Keywords service is provided for free. However, there is a cost for a written transcription if you choose to purchase it. The cost for the transcription will be listed on the Keywords page for each recording.

How do I access Keywords℠ after my recorded conference?

Log in to your account and go to the History and Recordings page under Profile. Click the Keywords icon next to your recording and confirm to auto transcribe the call. After a few moments, the icon will bold and you can view the Keywords from your conference.

What is broadcaster?

Broadcaster is a feature that allows you to play previously recorded conferences or uploaded HD audio files during a live meeting.

How can I upload a recording to broadcast?

Go to the “Broadcaster” tab located at the bottom of your Meeting Wall and click “Upload.”

Can I broadcast recordings during my meeting?

Yes, you may play recorded HD audio files and recorded screen sharing sessions during your meetings using the Broadcaster icon found at the bottom of your Meeting Wall.

What type of recordings can I broadcast during my meetings?

You may broadcast any previously recorded conference calls and screen sharing sessions as well as any uploaded .WAV or MP3 HD audio files.

Note: Recorded screen sharing sessions from other conference providers are not supported.

Do I need to download a program to broadcast my recordings?

No, the Broadcaster function is embedded on your Meeting Wall.

Can I broadcast videos?

No, currently this service only supports the broadcasting of HD audio files and screen sharing sessions.

How do I upload HD audio recordings to the Broadcaster?

Go to your Meeting Wall and click on the Broadcaster icon found at the bottom of the page. Click the “Upload” icon on the pop-up window to upload high-quality audio recordings.

Note: Recorded screen sharing sessions from other conference providers are not supported.

Can I view the broadcasting of my recorded screen sharing session as a Host?

Yes, to view the broadcasting of your screen sharing sessions open the Meeting Dashboard window and click “Play” from your Broadcaster window.

Is a live meeting required to broadcast recorded screen sharing sessions?

No, a live meeting is not required. To start a broadcast, click “Play” from the Broadcaster window and all invited participants will be able to see what is being broadcasted. To view what you are broadcasting, see question above.

What integrations does support?

The following Integrations are available with every account:

System Requirements
Which operating systems are supported with

Mac, Windows, and Linux are all supported with

What are the operating system requirements for
  • OS: Windows 7 and up/Mac OSX 10.7 and up/Ubuntu 14.04 and up
    Note for Linux:
    • Preferred Windows Manager environment: Compiz
    • Desktop Environment: Unity, Gnome
  • Bandwidth 100Kb/s (HD Audio), 400Kb/s (screen sharing), 500Kb/s (video)
  • Video camera supported by OS, integrated or external
  • Chrome™ 29 or newer, Firefox® 22 or newer, Safari® 6.0 or newer (Mac only), Internet Explorer® 10 or newer (Windows only) (Javascript)
I'm having problems connecting to the screen sharing.

This may be due to your firewall. Please contact your network administrator and allow firewall access to the following addresses: host:,,, ports UDP 6000-65534 and TCP 443, and TCP 5040-5060.