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Why We Built Huddle.Team

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In 2020 Our Entire Company Went Remote

When covid-19 hit we were faced with the reality of having our entire team go remote. We needed our teams to work together remotely as effectively as when we were all together in person.

This Presented New Challenges

Like most companies we ran into challenges as we transitioned to being entirely remote. For example, it was hard for people to access their desktop work phones and we didn't want everyone using their personal cell numbers. That's why we built our Virtual Phone. We found that our remote brainstorms needed a boost so we added gallery view to our video conferencing solution, complete with in meeting reactions, participant drawing, and more.

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Huddle.Team Solved Those Challenges

We're guessing you encountered many of the same challenges we did. That's why we know our Huddle.Team solution can help. We've used it while we've been remote, and we've been able to huddle together virtually as effectively as when we were all in office together.

Everything Your Team Needs To Communicate, All In One Place

Impressive Audio Quality

Huddle.Team offers the world's leading audio-conferencing solution. Get crystal-clear quality and local dial-ins for over 75 countries.

Intuitive HD Video

Complete with Gallery View, Active Speaker View, and in meeting reactions.

Screen Sharing and Drawing

Share your screen, draw, and brainstorm together. It's like being in the same room, on the same whiteboard, just virtually.

Streamlined dial illustration

Streamlined Dial In Experience

You can pick to eliminate access codes or add an extra level of security by setting a unique access code for each meeting.

Team Chat

Secure messaging and file sharing all within your Huddle.Team applications. Seamlessly go from a team chat into a full video conference seamlessly.

Huddle Phone

Our cloud based virtual phone gives your team members a second line on their computer or smartphone that they can use to quickly call each other for impromptu huddles. You can even upgrade to enable outbound calling to any US number and internationally.