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Customer Reviews From Around the World

Millions of users across the globe trust to connect with friends, family and colleagues. Don't just take our word for it. Check out the reviews below from business people, teachers, developers, prayer leaders, life coaches and more.

4.85 out of 5 - 13 reviews
"It is awesome with high quality audio and video capability.We can also record our sessions."

- Sam
Sr.Java developer
"I'm giving this APP a 5 star based solely on ONE call. I haven't even tried all the other features yet. I had a 2 hour conference call with 8 participants and it went perfectly. Volume was good, no static and FREE! Great APP!"

- Barbara Clinard
"Free Conference Call allows us to communicate easily with our dispersed teams, our clients, anyone with whom we need to connect and share information. We don't even think about it anymore, it's simply another tool we use every day. Windows, Android, iOS, web, we use them all seamlessly. Thank you for such a great, easy communication platform!"

- Geoff Keochakian
Partner, founder
"I love the service that is able to connect all my co-workers, plus nothing beats the music before the call."

- John
"I have been an avid user for one year today and it has been amazing to have access to share with others to change lives daily in multiple areas of the WORLD WITH YOUR SERVICES 2016 #TELECOMMUNICATONSOFTHEYEAR"

- Markeisha M Jackson
Global Executive
"Your free platform is unbelievable! Not only was I paying other companies almost triple digits for the same type of webinar service, but their featured offerings were not nearly as comprehensive as what FreeConference call has. And your customer service is great! Ready to serve. 24/7. Thanks you guys! Five full stars in my book!"

- Laila Yamini
Certified Wellness Coach
"Works really well, no complaints at all. Great!"

- Gabriela
Executive Assistant to the Chair
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