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The Best On and Off-Campus Collaboration Tool provides seamless eLearning communication technology that makes it easy to connect with students, colleagues and subject matter experts. We’re not just innovators and industry-shakers, we are a provider of cutting-edge technology for the classroom without a price tag or an overly complicated user experience.


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"We are fortunate to use Providing a uniform audio conferencing tool as a mechanism for our students, faculty and alumni to connect is a win-win-win! Add the simple screen sharing function and it's a complete package that we find useful as an eLearning tool."

Connect Your Campus with Free Conference Calls

Learn from Experts video conferencing allows students to connect with experts in their fields of study through face-to-face guest lectures and presentations. The easy-to-use collaboration tool gives teachers the opportunity to bring far-away experts into the classroom to share their knowledge, while eliminating the time and hassle of travel.

video Conferencing

Record Lectures for Playback

Whether students miss a class or just want to go over course content during study time, makes it easy to stay on track with free recordings. Students and educators never have to skip a beat. Don’t miss a meeting or lecture – no matter where you are.

Record Lectures for Playback

Screen Share for Study Sessions

Screen Sharing from offers live annotation tools that make it simple to brainstorm ideas, collaborate on documents and meet deadlines. With free screen sharing and video conferencing, students can increase productivity by meeting and working with each other – whether they are on or off campus, at another institution or on the other side of the world!

Screen Sharing

Learn more about the video conferencing in education solution for K-12.

Where Education Meets Collaboration

An Educator's Guide to Online Meetings

Watch this short video to learn how to use innovative technology from to enhance learning experiences with Online Meetings.