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Enjoy secure audio and video meetings on any device.


Cross-platform meetings

If you’re comfortable with using Facetime on iOS, is a comparable solution that lets Apple products play nice with Android phones.


Join on desktop, mobile, and web

FreeConferenceCall voice and video meetings work on any smart device with access to internet connection.

Feel good

Feel good when you conference

Each time you conference, you’re helping to donate hundreds of free minutes to charities, schools and nonprofits everywhere. Make a difference each time you’re on a call.

Taking Business Team Meetings to the Next Level.

High quality audio and video virtual meetings

Keep in touch with your network using high quality audio and video that supports up to 1,000 participants to start.

Screenshare during video calls

Easily share your view with everyone in the meeting and take advantage of collaboration tools like drawing and whiteboarding.

React to the conversation

Let your participants engage one another without disturbing the flow of the conversation.

Record your calls and convert them into transcripts

Save your most important conversations on the cloud and share them with those who missed the meeting.

Integrated calendar scheduling

Make your life a bit easier with integrated calendar meeting scheduling right from the desktop or mobile app.

Free virtual phones included with every account

Don’t want to host a meeting? You can use the virtual phone instead and receive unlimited inbound calls for free.

Guy with a laptop
Girl with a laptop

Team Meetings for Charities

Charities choose our network for host meetings because of the good we do in the world.

Team Meetings for Nonprofits

Not-for-profit organizations love for meetings because we keep their overhead cost low while helping them keep connected with organization leaders.

Team Meetings for Educators

The best things in life are free – that includes free communication tools that give students and teachers access to secure meeting tools.

Team Meetings for Religion Organizations

Share your faith with members of your church by hosting prayer lines and prayer meeting groups.

Work from home or in the office.

We make it easy to run a business from the comfort of your home or in person.

Gallery view

Gallery view gives active speakers on the call a chance to share expressions during a virtual meeting.

Virtual background

Virtual backgrounds bring more life and entertainment to your meetings.


Easily see who’s speaking with active speaker mode


Privacy security makes sure only people you invite can join your meeting.


Quickly react to the conversation without getting off mute


Lead with your presentation and bring important information in front of your team.

Better communication at the best price in town.

You can’t beat free.


Our ultra-competitive price makes us the leader in free collaboration tools. We encourage you to compare our service to competitors.


Doing good when you conference is something we’re incredibly proud of. We give away the services people need and love.

Public speaking

It’s not just our users that loves us – our partners appreciate that we help promote their humanitarian efforts.

Helping the world become a better place.

Stay connected with your community for free.


Available in over 75 countries around the world. Easily get local dial-in numbers in all countries we’re available.


We believe in the human right to have access to affordable communication so friends, family, and loved ones can stay connected.


Each one of our users makes a difference just by joining a meeting, making a call, or sharing FreeConferenceCall with a friend.

Valuable Meeting Analytics.

See exactly who joins and how long they joined for

Get minute reports after your meeting is over sent directly to your email.

Know exactly who joins your meetings with info like emails and participant IDs.

See the total number of attendees easily at a glance.

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Valuable Meeting Analytics
Customize Your Meeting Experience Completely

Customize Your Meeting Experience Completely.

Make it yours with options for customization

Update your meeting wall with new images and posts. Leave important documents up for your participants to download.

Change the hold music to upbeat music or relaxing tunes to get your participants in the mood.

A customizable welcome prompt leaves your participants with a strong first impression you’ll love to share.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How do virtual meetings work?

Virtual meetings work by connecting two or more people using voice or video using the internet. FreeConferenceCall supports virtual meetings for desktop, mobile, and web.

How do I host a virtual meeting?

After signing up with, hosting a virtual meeting is as easy as pressing a button. Just bring up your FreeConferenceCall application on your mobile phone or desktop and select “Host Meeting.”

As you enter your meeting room, you’ll get all your meeting information that you can share with participants. You can also schedule a meeting ahead of time and send and invite to participants you’d like to bring in.

How do I participate in a virtual meeting?

You can join meetings with or without an account, making it much easier for anyone to hop into a meeting.

After receiving invitation information from the meeting host, you can join a meeting either by using the desktop or mobile app or by entering the meeting URL into your web browser.