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What Can You Do with Classroom Video Conferencing?

Great technology can engage students — but it's all about how you use it. Fortunately, video conferencing in the classroom doesn't have to be complicated. With our free EdTech tool, teachers can easily video conference, record and share. Use Chromebooks<sup>&trade;</sup> to host or join without downloads. So what can't you do with classroom video conferencing?

Smiling 3rd grade students start a video conference in the classroom

Welcome, Guest Speaker! can make amazing field trips happen, minus the permission slips. Engage with the world using video conferencing — or let students create and share presentations with other connected classrooms.

Two high school students study by discussing a recorded video presentation in computer lab

Create EdTech Resources

Sometimes, students miss class. Sometimes, so do you. from is the perfect workaround. Recordings are easily stored and shared from your online account.

Parents video conference on back-to-school night from their home on a laptop

Remote Parent-Teacher Web Conferencing

Avoid scheduling conflicts on back-to-school night by meeting family members remotely. Teachers and family members can connect without downloads for a face-to-face parent-teacher conference.

A Teacher's Guide to Online Meetings

Watch this quck video to get an overview of's innovative EdTech tool — then start enhancing education with free video conferencing and free screen sharing, all without downloads.

Using Video Conferencing in the Classroom

Think out of the box to create authentic, real-world situations for your students. If you don't know where to start, try engaging your students in the planning process.

The future of education is expanding beyond the four walls of the classroom. With a free collaboration tool like, I can provide ample opportunities for students to virtually learn from experts outside my classroom.

- Edward S., AP teacher & EdTech coordinator, Woodrow Wilson High School