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Video Conferencing Solution for the Classroom is leading the way to a more connected learning experience by providing cutting-edge audio and video technology for the classroom without a price tag.

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The future of education is expanding beyond the four walls of the classroom. With a free collaboration tool like, I can provide ample opportunities for students to virtually learn from experts outside my classroom

Expand Your Classroom with Video Conferencing

Welcome a Guest Speaker

When time or budget issues make physical travel impossible or impractical, makes it happen. Use video conferencing to bring in experts from around the world without ever leaving the classroom.

Guest Speaker

Record Lessons

Whether a student missed a class due to absence or wants to go over the content during study time, recording and playback makes it easy to stay on track. Audio recordings are easily accessible and can be downloaded directly from the account.

Record Lessons

Remote Parent/Teacher Web Conferencing

Avoid scheduling conflicts by meeting with parents remotely. With the application, parents just need an Internet connection and a webcam to dial into to a parent/teacher conference. This method is easier for everyone's schedule.

Remote Parent/Teacher Web Conferencing

An Educator's Guide to Online Meetings

Watch this short video to learn how to use innovative technology from to enhance learning experiences with Online Meetings.