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Why FreeConferencecall?

When you use, you help millions of users all around the globe access free communication tools. Each minute you're on a call with your community helps us expand our services and bring world-class communication to everyone.

1,000 Participants

No other service offers more participants at a better price than Invite up to 1,000 participants for free.

International Access is available in over 76 countries, making us the premier option for businesses, travelers and everyone in between.

Record and playback

Save your most important presentations onto your cloud and play them back whenever you want.

Teleconference Management

Easily keep track of all your participants and take control of your meeting using robust features, like muting and attendance management.

Teleconference the Way You Want

Teleconference from a landline, mobile device or over an internet connection.


Using a landline? Set up, dial in and manage conference calls with phone keypad commands.


Download the mobile app for Android™ and iOS.


Host or join a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) teleconference from the mobile app or desktop app.

Your support helps.

When you use, you give people all over the world access to free communication. Sign up today and start contributing.


To use audio conferencing, you’ll want to start by logging into your FreeConferenceCall account at Once you’re logged into your account, view your personal meeting room and dial-in information.

Next, invite your attendings by sharing your meeting room or dial-in information. Make sure to give your attendees a time you’d like them to join. Your attendees can join using the app or by dialing into the meeting using their phone.

When your meeting time comes, you and your participants will join at the same time.

The difference between audio conferencing and video conferencing is the use of video. What’s great about FreeConferenceCall is your ability to go from an audio conference to a video conference instantly when you toggle your camera. For participants that join through the phone (PSTN), they’ll only have access to audio only communication.