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" is rated number one for both smoothest implementation and web conferencing software with the best ROI."

Online Video Conference with the Look of Simplicity

Meeting Dashboard

First, download and launch the app If you're looking at the Meeting Dashboard, you’re already at the home stretch. This feature enables free video conferencing with up to 1,000 participants.

Meeting dashboard with arrow hovering over start video icon

Active Speaker

Our unique active speaker technology makes it easy to focus on the person currently speaking. Your account allows up to 1,000 participants on an online video conference---to make it easy to keep track, we display the active speaker and five other simultaneous feeds.

Woman smiling on a screen share meeting


Use video conferencing to maximize impact and video recording software to capture your interaction. Driven by active speaker technology, the primary video feed will be shown during recording playback.

Dashboard with Recording icon turned on

Chat and Attendee List

Keep track of who attends your meeting or click Chat to send messages during the online video conference

Dashboard displaying attendee list

Smart People Think Video is a Good Idea

Increased Productivity

94% of business that utilize video conferencing say it increases productivity - Wainhouse Research

Higher Revenue

Video conferencing users see 2.3 times more revenue growth year-over-year, compared to nonusers (10.45% vs. 3.13%) - Aberdeen Group

Stay Connected with Colleagues

Nearly 9 in 10 remote employees say that video helps them feel more connected to their colleagues - IMCCA

FreeConferenceCall vs Zoom Video Conference has everything you need and more at no cost

Feature Logo (Basic Free)
Number of participants 1000 Participants Only 100 Participants
Number of Meetings Unlimited number of meetings Unlimited number of meetings
Meeting time limit No limits on group meetings 40 minutes limited on group meetings
User reports Yes No user reports
Cloud recording 1 GB cloud recording No cloud recording
Phone support 24/7 phone and e-mail support No dedicated phone support

System Requirements

Operating System

Windows® 7 and up
Mac® OSX 10.10


Bandwidth 100Kb/s (HD Audio)
400Kb/s (screen sharing)
500Kb/s (video)


Video camera supported by OS, integrated or external

Web Browser

Chrome 60 and newer
Firefox® 78 and newer
Edge 79 and newer
Safari® 10.1 or newer

Chrome™ 57
Firefox® Android 60 and iOS 20
Safari® iOS 10