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Free People Of The Cosmos is a Consciousness and Space Exploration Fellowship. We seek like minded individuals who want to socialize around the topics of human consciousness, science, space exploration, UFOlogy, and ET Contact using CE-5 Protocols. We're also a registered 501-3c non-profit.  We are about the business of Service To Others, and advancing human consciousness. We promote personal sovereignty with personal responsibility.

  • We hold that Every human being from planet Earth is a free person of the cosmos with equal viability as a sentient being with all other positive sentient beings. Each is worthy of love and every positive right, rights inherent and irrevocable by any state, government, corporate entity, or another species outside the planet Earth. Our highest authority is ourself unto the infinite intelligence.
  • We promote total personal freedom that respects all other humans and sentient beings.
  • We embrace reason, science, logic and love. We reject negative energy that seeks to destroy the rights and existence of humanity, which includes negative governments and/or states, corporate entities and/or non-Earth entities that seek to enslave mankind.
  • We are free persons of the universe, the cosmos. Anything less diminishes us as a species.
  • We strive for the highest truths possible, towards the upward evolution of the human race and advancing human consciousness.
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