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Setting up a Modern Conference Room

Today's conference rooms are flexible spaces for smaller groups to gather, share and innovate. But whether you are designing a team's huddle room or outfitting a home office, securing the right software and hardware doesn't need to break the bank.

The Right Conference Room Technology

Flexibility is the theme — so along with cost, prioritize functionality, accessibility and ease of use with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach to communications.

Meeting Dashboard

Our agile and intuitive Meeting Dashboard supports free video conferencing and screen sharing. No downloads are necessary to join the meeting.

Meeting Dashboard

Active Speaker

The best collaboration software brings people together, then gets out of the way. Unique one-on-one active speaker technology makes it easy to focus on the presenter without distractions.

Active Speaker

Drawing Tools

Appeal to visual learners. Screen sharing includes annotation tools so presenters can draw attention to specific content. Switch presenter to give someone else a turn.

Drawing Tools

Chat and Attendee List

Keep track of participants and increase engagement. View participants and send messages to individuals or the whole group during the conference.

Chat and Attendee List

The Nuts and Bolts of Conference Room Equipment

Here's the hardware that will kickstart any collaborative hub.


For a group workspace, opt for a mini PC/Mac and link to a display screen. When collaborating from a desktop computer or laptop, take a moment to confirm System Requirements to make sure everything runs smoothly and there are no delays.


Need to step out? Take your meetings with you using mobile apps for Android™ and iPhone®. For anyone who can't video conference, include a local in-country dial-in number as an option for participants.


The internal webcam on a laptop will work for a video conference, but keep in mind that mini computers often are not equipped with internal webcams. For older desktops and video conference rooms, opt for a plug-and-play conference camera.

Mic & Speakers

For the team, get a speakerphone built for conferencing that meets your room size requirements. When VoIP dialing from a desktop or laptop, use the internal microphone and speakers plus a headset to minimize background noise.