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See How Easy Remote Desktop Access Can Be

Support, assist, interact and collaborate with people around the world. The free remote desktop sharing tool makes it possible to work as if you were all in the same room without travel and expenses. desktop app icon

Host Online Meetings

Launch the desktop application to begin hosting meetings.

Viewing Attendee List from the desktop app

View Attendee List

Hover over the participant’s name and click the down arrow.

Transfering/taking control of an user's computer from the desktop app

See and Control the Screen

Click Remote Control and then Allow keyboard and mouse. Choose Yes to confirm or No to cancel.

Be in the Driver's Seat and Take Control

Solve issues faster, improve training and collaborate with a hands-on approach using best-in-class remote access software from

Train Teams From Anywhere

Need to train multiple people in different places? No problem. With, the host can bring the team together in an online meeting to screen share and use remote control access to further enhance the learning experience.

Man doing some work on his home computer

Onboard New Hires with Ease

Show new hires how it's done. For a successful remote employee onboarding program, utilize online meetings with remote desktop to foster communication, encourage collaboration and show new talent how it's done.

A businessman working on his laptop

Troubleshoot with the Non-Tech Savvy

Have a colleague, friend or family member who is allergic to technology? Remote desktop can banish the tedious and time-consuming walkthroughs. Set things straight without the hassle.

Elderly couple using a laptop in the confort of their house

More Than Conference Calls

In addition to HD audio conferencing, your account also includes FREE screen sharing, video conferencing and remote desktop access plus much more! Watch this short video to learn how to use Online Meetings.