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Training Tips & Tricks

Getting Started with Free Conference Calls

Signing up for a FreeConferenceCall account is quick and simple! Just click the “Create My Free Account” button on the home page and you’re almost there. The only personal information you’ll need to share with us is your name and email address. Make sure you type your email in properly; this is where we will send your instructions and free call detail reports. During registration we will also ask you how you heard about FreeConferenceCall and to agree to our Terms and Conditions. You are able to follow links to our full Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy right from the registration page. Click “Submit” and you are finished with registration!

How to Get Your account screen shot

After you click “Submit”, we will return your account information and instructions. It really is that easy! We recommend that you print the account info and instruction page when it is on your screen. If you happen to forget don’t worry, we have sent the identical information to the email account you provided. Here’s what your account information page will look like. You’ll find your dial-in, recording and playback numbers on the left. Instructions and feature key explanations are found on the Support page. Instructions with Account Information Host Touch Tones

2. Your Online Account

Once you become a FreeConferenceCall user you will have access to all of the online tools that come with your account. Immediately after you register, you will be automatically logged in to the FreeConferenceCall site. However, the next time you return to the site you will need your email and passoword or Access Code, Dial-In Number and Subscriber PIN to login to your account. Login Form

After logging into your account, select Profile from the navigation bar and then select History and Recordings. This area provides you access to all of the features of your recorded conference. You can choose to dial-in, download or stream your conference, right from this page. This is also where you can get the link information for iTunes/Podcasts and RSS feeds.

How to Access Your Conference Recordings with

The “Account Info” tab of the online system gives you a quick reference for instructions and the ability to edit some of your account information. From here you can change your Subscriber PIN, disable call detail reports or add more email addresses to receive the call detail reports. Account Information Form

The “Profile” tab from the navigation bar provides the Podcast page from which you can supply the link to others for subscription to your recordings. Once your subscribers place a link in their iTunes or RSS reader they will receive each new updated recording you make on this account.

How to Use Podcasts/RSS with

The “Invitations” tab lets you send out invites to all of your desired callers. The invitation will come straight from our system into their email inbox with call info, time and even some notes from the host.

How to Invite Audio Conferencing and Screen Sharing Participants Screenshot

The “Support” tab not only hosts the Frequently Asked Questions but also gives you a way to Submit a Trouble Ticket, Refer A Friend or view the complete Instructions.

3. Your First FreeConferenceCall

Let all of your desired callers know the dial-in information and call time. You can also use our invites tool in the online account management center if you would like us to send it out for you. (See “Your Online Account” above to learn more) All of your dial-in info can be found on the left hand side of your instructions page. Please note that you (the host) should press * after the access code, while all of your participants should press #. Entering the host access code gives you the ability to use the feature keys and recording.

How to Use Your Account

For the best call quality let your callers know not to use speakerphones or VoIP and not to put the conference on hold (leaving all other participants to hear their hold music). If someone forgets these suggestions you can always use the listen only feature key to mute all of your participants. (See “Feature Keys” for more information.)

After the call is over you will be emailed a call detail report which will give you all the information about the call. You will see the phone numbers of each of your participants and exactly how long they attended the call. The quick links across the bottom help you find your recorded conference, refer a friend, edit your account or submit a trouble ticket. Call Detail Report

4. Using Recording and Playback

There are many occasions when it may be important to record your conference call. This great feature allows people to listen to past conference calls that they were not able to attend. Many of our customers use recorded conference calls as training or sales information tools. The following gives you additional information on how to best use this feature.

  1. Planning is important. Most conference calls have a noisy start and a lingering end. So, you should plan to start the recording after most of the participants have arrived and end the recording when you are finished. To do this, press *9 to start and press *9 again to stop and save recording at the desired times.
  2. You can turn your entry and exit chimes off by using the *8 key function.

How to Record a Conference

During the conference, the host can start recording by pressing *9. The system disconnects him/her from the conference and prompts for the Subscriber PIN. If the Subscriber PIN is valid, the host is returned to the conference and all attendees are notified that the recording option has been started. To stop and save the recording, the host will press *9 again.

How to Record a Conference Call Using

Now you have a recording

Once you've successfully made a recording, you have three options for playback. You can listen to the conference call using the playback number, you can download the file to your own system or you can utilize the RSS linking, iTunes or Stream it directly from our servers.

Playback Number

Simply provide the playback number, access code and reference number to allow anyone to hear the conference over the phone.

How to Listen to Your Recorded Audio Conference Call with

Download to your Computer

Follow the link that is provided in your Call Detail Report or login into your account to download your recording. We do not provide a back-up version so we recommend that you always download these recordings for back-up purposes. When you click on the Download button your system will let you save the file to your favorite location. The file format is a .wav or .mp3 file.

How to Download Your Audio Conferencing File with

Listen Online

The system also provides the ability to listen online using RSS, iTunes or Streaming using Real Player. VoIP Instructions

5. Feature Keys

When on a conference call utilize the feature keys listed below. Please note that you (the host) should press * after the access code when you call into your conference call, while all of your participants should press #. Entering the host access code gives you the ability to use the feature keys and recording. To access the different Feature Keys when in a call, simply press the corresponding keys below-it is required that a caller enters a star (*) key before the desired feature key. Participant Touch Tones

That’s all there is too it! If you have any additional questions give us a call at or email to