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Cost Savings, Reservation-Less Services, and New Technology Offerings are Driving the Burgeoning Data and Audio Conferencing Markets Among Key Players Driving the Market Growth that Continues to Soar Over the Last Five Years

Long Beach, CA (November 13, 2006) – Free Conferencing Corporation of America, the leading provider of FREE one-to-many collaborative communications solutions, today announced it is part of a new wave of growth in the data and audio conferencing markets. According to industry research group Wainhouse Research, the global conferencing market (which includes both data and audio conferencing tools) was estimated at $3.6 billion in 2001 and is predicted to grow to $9.8 billion by the end of 2006. A few reasons for this significant growth, according to industry experts, include cost savings, the introduction of reservation-less services, and new technologies that make it even easier to host a teleconference.

Advancements in converged network technology has contributed to declining prices and propelled the widespread use of conferencing to support all types of business activities. According to Frost & Sullivan, these advancements include migration to IP networks, an increased use of on-demand/reservation-less conferencing, arrival of mobile conferencing integration with collaborative elements such as presence detection and instant messaging (IM), and availability of browser-based solutions and broad spectrum network management tools.

With organizations scaling back business travel in favor of Web-based services, data conferencing has evolved into a cost-effective tool to conduct business. Data conferencing is defined as a communication session in which two or more participants are sharing computer-based data in real-time. In conjunction with these data conferencing solutions, audio conferencing – voice-only connection between three or more locations – plays a pivotal role as well. Today, Free Conferencing Corp. is among a new breed of companies that offer inexpensive conferencing tools, and some that are even free. As part of its services, it offers a reservation-less system to further simplify the data conferencing experience. is one of Free Conferencing Corp.'s high-quality, reservation-less conferencing services. The service is extremely easy to use and ideal for companies and organizations, large and small, that need a reliable, hassle-free tool to arrange teleconferences. Beyond this core service, Free Conferencing Corp. offers more enhanced (free and paid) telephone and web-based collaboration solutions.

“The advent of free conferencing is driving up the usage of data conferencing solutions from vendors such as Citrix,” explained David Erickson, founder, Free Conferencing Corporation of America. “In tandem with these services, we are complementing data conferencing solutions with large-scale free conferencing for up to 96 active participants and 1,000 in listen-only mode in addition to complete online management, and the ability to combine toll and toll-free calls.”

According to Mr. Erickson, Free Conferencing Corp. will further extend its reach into data conferencing in Q1 2007 by offering an online partner program solution that offers CRM (customer relationship management) capabilities through seamless integration and private label branding of the free conferencing services. This will include private labeling of the registration process and emails, call greetings, and call detail reports.

Free Conferencing Corp. notices strong demand for integrated teleconferencing services as companies of all sizes embrace these solutions to conduct business, ranging from planning discussions and virtual sales meetings to investor relations briefings. “As people utilize these services they quickly realize the endless possibilities to leverage them for all aspects of their business,” added Mr. Erickson.

About Free Conferencing Corporation of America

Free Conferencing Corporation of America, with headquarters in Long Beach, California, is THE leading provider of FREE, one-to-many collaborative communications solutions. With more than 1.5 million users per month and more joining daily, the company’s flagship solution offers a high-quality, reservation-less conferencing service that is extremely easy to use.  As further validation, more than 100 Fortune 500 companies are presently optimizing, including public sector agencies. Unlike other competitive offerings from paid and non-paid audio conferencing services,’s pioneering all digital network is built on voice routers versus analog-based conference bridges that can be prone to static and other noise. uses the PSTN (public switched telephone network) to deliver unparalleled, high-quality audio conferencing.  For more information, visit or call (844) 844-1322.