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Krisp and CarrierX’s Integrate to Bring Advanced On-Device AI-Powered Voice Clarity

Long Beach and Berkeley, CA (March 19, 2024) - Krisp, the pioneer of AI-powered Voice Productivity software, is excited to announce a new partnership with CarrierX, an award-winning provider of advanced communication solutions. This collaboration introduces a groundbreaking integration of Krisp’s innovative Voice AI technology with CarrierX’s collaboration solutions, including, enhancing digital voice communication for CarrierX customers. offers a suite of advanced features, including secure conferences with access codes and user roles, the ability to control behavior through DTMF and API controls for participant muting and meeting recording, and the capability to accommodate up to 1,000 callers per meeting. This cost effective but powerful solution empowers businesses and individuals to conduct seamless and productive conferences while maintaining security and control over their communication sessions.

With Krisp’s AI-powered Voice Productivity software now integrated into CarrierX’s services solution, participants will experience unparalleled audio clarity during their conference calls. Krisp’s technology excels in audio cleansing, noise cancellation, and enhancing overall voice quality. By eliminating background noise, echoes, and other disturbances in real-time, Krisp ensures that every participant’s voice is clear and distinct, regardless of the call environment.

“We are excited to bring Krisp’s state-of-the-art technology to CarrierX’s,” said Robert Schoenfield, EVP of Licensing and Partnerships at Krisp. “By combining the capabilities of CarrierX’s conferencing features with Krisp’s AI-powered voice clarity, we are redefining the standard for high-quality conference calls and unlocking new possibilities for productivity and collaboration.”

“Since Day 1, CarrierX has been committed to providing best-in-class collaboration tools to customers, irrespective of geography or economics, ” said Andy Nickerson, CEO of CarrierX. “Integrating Krisp into gives users more premium features to effectively and securely communicate without compromising quality for cost.”

The integration of Krisp and CarrierX’s Conference Endpoint solution underscores the commitment of both companies to deliver exceptional communication experiences and improve the quality of digital voice interactions everywhere.

With the integration of Krisp, CarrierX customers can now experience conference calls that are not only secure and feature-rich but also deliver impeccable voice quality for all participants.

About Krisp:
Krisp is the world’s first AI-powered Voice Productivity software that enhances digital voice communication by eliminating background noise, echoes, and voices in real-time. Krisp’s technology is used by BPOs, offshore call centers, enterprise call centers, professional services businesses, individual users, and hybrid workforces to unlock higher productivity and improve communication quality. For more information, visit

About CarrierX:
CarrierX is a leading provider of advanced communication solutions, offering a range of services for businesses and individuals. With a commitment to innovation and quality, CarrierX delivers reliable and cutting-edge communication tools to enhance connectivity and collaboration. The Conference Endpoint solution features secure conferences with access codes and user roles, DTMF and API controls, and support for up to 1,000 callers per meeting. For more information, visit