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A Virtual Meeting Room Just for You

Every account comes with a free Meeting Wall that’s all about you. Hurry to sign up now to claim your personalized URL and customize your Meeting Wall!

Laptop screen showing Meeting Wall features.

1. Audio Information

View meeting information to quickly join the conference call or log in to the online meeting for video conferencing and screen sharing sessions.

2. Host Information

Personalize your Wall by adding your picture or logo, company name and description. You can also change background colors and add/remove panels.

3. Calendar

Make it easy for attendees to see what meetings are coming up next. This streamlined scheduling turns your Wall into a central hub for all meeting interaction.

4. Meeting Resources

Upload resources to your Wall so participants can access them at any time. No more tracking down email addresses and sending large files.

More Meeting Wall Features

On air Radio feature.


Reach a larger audience by letting participants listen to a live stream of the conference from your Meeting Wall.

Broadcaster feature.


Play previously recorded conferences or uploaded high-definition audio, video and screen sharing files during a live meeting.

Chat feature with emojis.


Allow participants to send and view messages during your conference. Chat functionality now features emojis.