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Reliable, Trusted and Successful Meetings Every Time

High-definition audio, screen sharing and video conferencing

Local, in-country dial-in numbers in more than 60 countries

Host meetings with up to 1,000 participants anytime

Record conferences and share for later playback

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Simple Meeting Dashboard

Take online meetings to the next level with screen sharing and video conferencing. Present or share documents and view up to five simultaneous video feeds.

Look Who's Talking

Our unique active speaker technology makes it easy to focus on the person speaking. Display up to five simultaneous video feeds. On the desktop app? Resize or click and drag the video feed to customize your screen.

Switch Presenters

During a screen sharing session, hosts can show anything on their desktops and make meetings more interactive by switching presenters at any time.

Take Control

Easily request to take control of any participant's screen, making changes to documents or spreadsheets with one simple click.

More Than Conference Calls

In addition to HD audio conferencing, your account also includes FREE screen sharing and video conferencing plus much more! Watch this short video to see how to use Online Meetings.