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A key facet of the success of a sales team lies in effective onboard training and on-going education. In many organizations, the training role resides with human resource employees who have little knowledge or expertise in effective sales techniques. Other organizations utilize top-performing sales teams to lead highly dynamic and effective sales training presentations - only to find company revenue down for the month due to taking their star players off the field.

So how do top-performing organizations ensure effective sales training without taking their best people off the job?

Smart organizations use technology tools like, the trustworthy and reliable HD audio conferencing service used by more than 800,000 businesses worldwide.

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Business expert Gene Marks recently wrote about the company in

“One of my favorite services that I’ve been using for years is Like many business owners, we’ve used it to help manage remote employees, independent contractors and customer projects.” provides HD audio conferencing services ideal for training a distributed workforce such as the following:

  • Studio recording tools enable easy creation of pre-recorded sales training materials – Studio makes it easy to create an on-demand library of your most frequently used resources.
  • Presentation recording tools capture the magic of that perfect pitch – Simply hit the Record Now button during any audio call to capture that perfect sales pitch in progress and load it to your 2/47 training library so your sales teams can learn from your top performers in action.
  • Stay-in-touch with remote teams via screen sharing – provides quality audio bridging and screen sharing features for effective and engaging team connections on a daily, weekly or monthly basis covering 55 countries around the world.

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Schedule your first weekly call or check out our how-to video tips on using the Studio feature here. You’ll be able to look back in a few months and see the impact of great training, the way.

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