3 Real Estate Tips and Tricks Using Only Your FreeConferenceCall.com Account

Whether you're just starting out or long in the proverbial real estate tooth, there's always room to up your sales game. Here are a few real estate tips and tricks that won't cost you a thing but might have a big impact on your bottom line — all courtesy of your FreeConferenceCall.com account.

Realtor using real estate appsReal Estate Tips and Tricks #1: Create a Real Estate Video That Sells...You

According to video queen Leigh Brown, ABR, CIPS, broker-owner of RE/MAX Executive Realty in Concord, N.C., "Many agents think of video as a more dynamic way of showcasing their listings, but really, they should be using it to showcase themselves — their personality, their expertise, the people they are."

That doesn't mean you have to ditch the home tours. Just consider creating real estate videos where you can share who you are and what you know. Think about trainings, informational sessions about the buyer's journey, best practice for buyers and more.

Real Estate Tips and Tricks #2: Make Your Meeting Wall a Destination

Two different pictures of the free conference call applicationEvery FreeConferenceCall.com account includes a customizable meeting wall. It's a perfect place to upload important resources and links for leads. When you share resources with prospective client, it demonstrates you understand their needs and are ready to help. Make sure you add links to those videos you created!

Real Estate Tips and Tricks #3: Be More Than an Agent

Find a way to highlight your knowledge and experience, particularly those that show you're savvy to the status of international markets. That might mean setting yourself up as the go-to guide for a particular diaspora — especially if you speak the language. Or, it might mean a trip to the destination in question and building relationships with local realtors or brokerage firms.

Once those relationships are in place, make sure your communication tool is easy for international contacts and prospects to use. FreeConferenceCall.com has real estate apps for every device, no participant downloads to join a conference and local in-country dial-in numbers in over 65 countries around the world. View available list of countries.

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