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So, What Will You Record?

There are a million reasons to create video recordings. Whatever you do, deliver recorded content that's more personal and engaging.

Woman watching screen sharing presentation in a computer screen


Produce lectures for distance learners and facilitate student interaction on collaborative projects. Or, record and share virtual field trips to enrich classroom learning.

Men working in an office desk


Create a product demo that will get your foot in the door or a training session for customers. Recordings will work to upgrade the customer experience and bolster brand loyalty.

Woman talking on the phone

Human Resources

Prepare a Studio presentation for employees as a guide to sign up for benefits or create a series of presentations to explain policies to new hires.


Record an accessible Bible study that is easy to share with your congregation. Collaborate on content with a nonprofit partner to boost engagement with the broader community.


Patients can record remote consultations to improve retention of information. Providers can create wellness presentations for the community — or improve decision-making through collaboration with other professionals.


Show donors where the money goes with real-time impact. Or, rally the troops to strategize the next big event.

Features of Video Recording

One Click and Done

Literally it's just one click. Record button. Oh, and you want to stop recording? Click the red Record button again.

Meeting Dashboard

Easy to Find

Every account features a History & Recordings page, which provides a list of all your conferences and recordings. Add descriptions to find your recorded content fast. Click Info to get all the meeting details.

History & Recordings

Fulfill Your Desire for Likes

It's ridiculously easy to share video recordings to social media platforms. So go ahead. Take that link and post it.

Share Video Recordings

To record a video conference, download the desktop app. See system requirements.