• In-Country Dial-in Numbers in Multiple Countries
    All Connected for Free, on One Call

How It Works

  • Instant Access

    Free international conference calls are simple and easy to use, requiring only a name and an e-mail address to receive an instant account.

  • Account Management

    Access your account online at anytime to invite participants, host online meetings, download, listen or podcast recordings and view conference instructions.

  • Features Include

    Free conference call recording, playback and download features, free international access numbers, online meetings plus a free call detail report via email after every call.

Free Conference Call With Free Recording! Normal domestic long distance rates are charged by the participant`s long distance carrier for the duration of the call. Teleconferences can have up to 1,000 participants for a 6 hour period of time per session. Each FreeConferenceCall account remains safe, secure, and is never shared or sold. Our free conference call service provides you with a great opportunity to connect to many people on a conference call. Loaded with great features, our phone conferencing service, now with online meetings, has revolutionized the way in which national and international teleconferences are organized.

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