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Hand holding the mouseWe’ve all been there. You’re just ramping up your best-ever meeting overview when that perpetually late coworker rings into your conference line. Or, just as the your team is finally warming up and throwing out some great ideas – one colleague’s dog starts barking while the other walks into a coffee shop and forgets to put their phone on mute while they order a half-caff, non-fat espresso with extra foam.

It’s all part of conference calls right? Wrong. With Web Controls the call host can ensure these kinds of interruptions don’t derail a call. With one easy click, you can drop or mute distracting callers and even turn off entry and exit tones to minimize disruptions. Plus, you still have access to the attendee list to see who is on the call, where they are calling from, what time they entered and how long they stayed.

Out of the office? The Call Host can simply tell who is calling in from their desk and who is out in the field. He or she can also selectively mute and unmute callers to give each speaker a chance to participate without unnecessary background noise. Unlike many conference calling services, with Web Controls, the host can enable the team to stay on a call even after the host has disconnected.

All of this control with only one click. Never again fall victim to conference call distractions – take control today with Web Controls.

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