Which SimpleVoiceBox plan is best for you?

SimpleVoiceBox is a full featured voicemail system offered in 3 great options! This simple and direct service requires no contracts, commitments or hidden fees. Below is a brief description to help you better decide which plan is best for you!

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  • Our free option provides a toll number to dial into.
  • Each caller pays for their respective long distance charges.
  • After setup, simply instruct prospective clients, customers, friends and family to dial into the VoiceBox, enter the access code and listen to the outgoing greeting.

An ad that says toll-free service for six cents a minute

  • With the Toll-FREE option of this service, the host picks up the telephone charges and the caller pays absolutely nothing.
  • At just 6 cents per minute per person, it's an easy and cost effective way to communicate with important callers.

An ad that says private service for $4.95 a month

  • Private number option provides a personal number requiring no extension code at just 4.95 a month.

Still Have Questions? Our customer service department is standing by to help you get started! Call us today at 877-482-5838 or email services@freeconferencecall.com.

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