What Does it Cost to Use SimpleBlast?

To use SimpleBlast, you will need to Sign Up for an account. The following is required to get started:

  • A valid credit card
  • Telephone
  • Computer

SimpleBlast works on a credit system allowing you to purchase message blasts in bulk. A message blast represents a single voice message which is sent to one selected number from your phone book(s). Each message blast costs $0.05. A minimum of 200 message blasts can be purchased at a time.

Below are examples of available plans:

  • 200 message blasts for $10.00
  • 500 message blasts for $25.00
  • Set Your Price -choose your desired message blast amount

Your message blast plan is valid until you run out of credits. If you purchase 200 today and send a message to 50 recipients, the balance of 150 will remain in your account to use at a later date. To add more credits, log into your account and go to the My Account tab.

In our next blog post we will cover how to import contacts to your phone books.

Did you know we offer a Voicemail Service?

Our SimpleVoiceBox service works like a traditional voicemail system providing users with a dial-in number and the ability to record or upload a message that others can access at anytime.  To sign up for free, please visit www.SimpleVoiceBox.com.

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