What Brand Is It?

FreeConferenceCall is the Brand Behind it All

“Born a bakers dozen of years ago, still privately owned by a single individual, it serves millions of people each day, in almost every country, brings people together and has successfully become a household name without making big spends on advertising

until now.”

 On October 21st, 2014, FreeConferenceCall launched its biggest advertising campaign yet, all without its brand name. Why? Because we want YOU to think of US as a brand. We’re not just the go-to conferencing service, we’re the ones behind it all. We’re behind your office desk, coordinating your family get togethers, celebrating your successes, and supporting your passion

Collage images of Collaborating works

So we launched  “What Brand Is It?” with daily clues given via social outlets and videos for a chance to win the $25,000 grand prize and 50 chances to win $500.

Over 1 million people visited the site, over 100,000 people guessed, and over 1,000 people ultimately guessed the brand correctly. Most people guessed Apple… but we forgive you.

Would you have guessed correctly?

See the clues here.

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