Voice Over Internet Protocol: The Myth, The Legend, Your New Go-To Conference Calling Tool

Ring, Ring. It’s the internet calling — and it’s your boss, so you might want to pick up.

Chances are, you go to or call into a lot of meetings. In the United States alone, there are an average of 11 million meetings held daily according to a recent study, which means that finding the free tools to make these meetings less dreadful and a whole lot more practical is crucial to getting through your work week feeling accomplished and efficient. That’s where voice over internet protocol comes in — or VoIP.

Wait, sorry, what-over-what protocol? Ok, the name is a little confusing, but let’s break it down together. VoIP audio conferencing is a simple tool with a large impact on the ease in which you dial into your many, many meetings.

Much like a traditional conference call, VoIP lets users to dial into phone conferences remotely — this time using their laptops, tablets or home computers. Essentially, this type of technology allows for the delivery of communications and multimedia sessions (think voice messaging, SMS and audio recordings) to happen over the public internet instead of a telephone network.

At FreeConferenceCall.Com you can easily use our platform to receive a designated dial-in telephone number but if you forget your phone, are having service issues or want to keep everything localized to your laptop — our VoIP conference sign-in might just be what saves the day. Join or host VoIP conferences right from your computer and breathe easier knowing you can charge your phone later and still make your meeting.

The greatest selling point of free VoIP conference calling is that it can be used anywhere you have internet access — no matter your phone connection. Users all over the world rely on this type of conference calling to still join meetings when there’s no wired connection or cellular service. To most, the flexibility and reliability can’t be beaten.

Any way you want to connect, now you have options.

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