Video Conferencing for Fantasy Football Fanatics

Timing is everything in football, and with that said, you don’t want to be the person bragging about your victory scores hours or even a day late right?

You have to do it right as that final field goal goes through the uprights, right at the heat of the moment. That’s what makes adding video conferencing to your fantasy football experience such a perfect idea.

The essential element to bringing everyone together for a shared fantasy football marathon is finding a video conferencing service that’ll comfortably handle a dozen or so callers. offers exactly that — and you can host up to 1,000 callers which we are more than positive can hold your circle of football friends. You also don’t have to worry about spending another dime on your passion for fantasy football, because this service is completely FREE.

We also provide free screen sharing, which means you can dedicate one chat computer to keeping track of the scores and stats as they flow in and share it with the group.

While just about every laptop and certainly every mobile device comes equipped with video conferencing compatible cameras, consider getting an affordable plug-and-play external camera to improve the visuals and give you a wider field of vision so you can get a little animated in your touchdown celebrations without disappearing from view.

Aside from a solid internet connection, that’s all you’ll need to get your entire league together, wherever Sunday may take them across the country, to watch the biggest moments in your fantasy life.

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