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So What's Video Chatting?

Just what is a video chat, anyway? According to Webopedia, video chats are conducted using a computer, tablet or smartphone device. Video chats are often one-to-one, but also can be one-to-many. When it comes to video chat software, you’re spoiled for choice. One-to-one functionality is built right into our technology, plus there’s a marketplace full of video call providers to select from. Video chatting has become ubiquitous.

Going Beyond Just Video

Free video chat app with group of friends on video

But the video call alone can’t possibly fit all our communication needs — sometimes we want the veil of an audio-only conversation or the collaborative functionality of a shared screen. So why settle for one way of communicating? Your default tech may work great, but it doesn’t cover all the bases. With, you can have it all on one app and seamlessly switch between communication mediums and devices.

Our desktop and mobile apps support more than just video chatting, plus you won't be limited to chatting one-to-one. So have a webcam chat with your relatives on a desktop computer. Dial in to an audio call with colleagues — or use VoIP audio to connect. During a meeting, send a quick group message within our chat feature. Screen share, switch presenter or use remote control on your laptop. From your mobile device, launch our free video chat app to connect with friends or record a quick video message to share.

Here’s the best part: It’s completely free to create an account. It’s completely free to use our award-winning service. Our apps are all completely free. We won’t set limits on your usage. We won’t charge you, ever. And if you need help, we’ve got daily live trainings, downloadable reference guides and an award-winning Customer Care team working around the clock.

So get to video chatting, people! Get to talking. Get to screen sharing. Or whatever. We’ve got your back.

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