Use StartMeeting to Improve Your Sales Training

StartMeeting is much more than a collaboration tool. Did you know it can be used to improve your sales training? Here are 3 ways StartMeeting can help you improve your company’s sales training efforts.

Record Customer Demos

For sales organizations, turnover is a fact of life. But getting new reps up to speed can’t happen fast enough. Worse, sales managers often tie up the time of two people by pairing a new rep with a tenured one to listen to calls and demos.  Best case: the new rep hears a decent call or two. Worst case: he picks up some bad habits the sales manager may not even know his best reps are doing on the phone—or the day is spent listening to someone leave voicemails.

With StartMeeting (and the permission of your customers), recording customer interactions makes for the perfect sales training tool. Customers love it because they are sent a recording of the demo to share with others in the decision-making process. You get the ability to handpick recordings according to your company’s best practices. Time spent listening to calls is 100% efficient because every call or demo a new rep reviews is a good one.  Best of all, the model for a “good call” is consistent, so all new reps are assured of the same best examples from which to follow suit.


With StartMeeting you can use recorded customer demos to test your sales team. Pick out pieces of the demoed call and ask reps to “carry the demo forward” based on the information they hear. Solicit recommendations for features to be shown (or highlight what was left out) so everyone understands best practices for different demo scenarios. You can test individually or do it live in groups with teams.  Both provide insight into how much your team knows, and everyone gets a chance to improve their sales skills.

Role Playing

Seeing and hearing real calls is immensely helpful, yet it’s amazing how much of this knowledge doesn't “stick” until it’s practiced. Rather than run the risk of new reps trying out new skills with real clients, you and your employees can role play utilizing the situations and subject matter you choose to highlight, as well as stop a recording at any point and “continue the call” as a role play. This is particularly useful for tricky parts of a sales call, and allows you to role play, then play the rest of the call as a model for how it is done effectively.

Whether you have your own sales team, or know someone who does, StartMeeting is sure to improve sales training. Recording customer demos, testing, and role playing are a few key ways you can begin to use StartMeeting to improve your sales training. Visit today to begin using StartMeeting for your sales training.

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