Two Ways to Keep In Touch With Long Distance Loved Ones This Valentine’s Day

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Every February 14, people across the world exchange candy, flowers, cards and gifts with their loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. It is considered to be the best day of the year to express your love for the one you care about. Consider yourself lucky if you are able to spend time (in person) with your loved one. For millions of people across the world, that isn’t possible for an array of reasons — distance being at the top of the list.

Since, we are in the business of connecting folks around the globe for free — we thought we’d be just the people to help you connect with your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, no matter where they live.

You probably don’t need a historian or communication expert to tell you that the way we keep in touch with each other as a culture is constantly evolving — or that it’s undergone a lot of changes in the last few decades in particular. And, I am about to hit you with two suggestions that land on each end of the spectrum.

First up, the archaic yet meaningful way — handwritten letters. If you are anything like me, you love a good handwritten note or card. Why, you may ask? A handwritten letter is like giving a small piece of you to the person on the other end. It’s personal. It’s meaningful. It takes time. Handwritten notes break the mold. And, in 2019, that’s quite the gesture when a text message is always easier to send. Now, go get yourself some stationary, a book of stamps and a good gel pen and get to writing!

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Ok, ok — you hate your handwriting and you’d like a more turn of the 21 century option. Drum roll, please. Video conferencing! Yep, I said it and lucky for you, has you covered. The service is already included in your account, it’s always free (no $0.55 stamp needed), readily accessible on a computer or smartphone and it’s easy to use — even for your Grandma!

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In all seriousness, you can learn how to video conference in 45 seconds flat by watching this tutorial video. Be sure to tag us on Twitter (@freeconfcall) with all your beautiful handwritten letters or snap a screenshot of your Valentine’s Day video conference.

From all of us at, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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