Trending in Tech: Video Conferencing Is Taking Names

Video calling technology for retail salesToday, video calling is as commonplace as audio conferencing. It’s amazing that what began with expensive systems in high-end boardrooms has grown infinitely more affordable and accessible — and pocket-sized, thanks to the wealth of available video conferencing apps

Video Calling Options Abound

The IT decision-makers and end-users out there are spoiled for choice. Yet all video calling platforms are not created equal. There’s still a huge cost spectrum, ranging from exorbitantly expensive (still) to free-with-caveats (groan) to (yes) absolutely free. Beyond cost, video platforms sport a wide range of included features, from all-of-the-above to none at all.

As an end-user, you find your favorite platform and stick to it. What happens when we hit the office? According to a recent Forbes Insights report, 62% of companies “are running three or more video conference software, with nearly one in five (19%) running five or more.”

An impressive number of platforms are used for one solution - web conferencing. And of course, running on multiple platforms can complicate training, lead to mixups and undermine technology adoption. A full 90% of executives say they need improved strategies and policies to ensure they are selecting the right provider, per the report.

Meet Your Key Considerations

Ok. So how do you identify a video conferencing solutions that meets your needs? According to the Insight report and similar research, IT decision-makers and end-users generally agree on key considerations. These include: reliability/quality, security, cost, ease of use/likelihood of adoption and interoperability with existing investments/solutions. So it comes down to finding a reliable, secure platform that’s heavy on features, light on cost, easy on the end-user and broadly accessible.

Don't Forget About Us!

It's true. is better known as an audio conferencing provider. But don’t write us off just because of our extensive secure network of 65+ local, in-country dial-in numbers. Our platform is tested and proven. And we’ve got conferencing apps for every device that support joining a meeting from anywhere, anyhow.

And now for the big reveal: We do great video. Every account supports video calling with up to 1,000 participants and displays five simultaneous video feeds based on active speaker technology. Plus, is actually free, although you’d never guess it from the wealth of included features and functionality — think meeting recording, screen sharing, chat and so much more. (Psst! actually meets or exceeds the capabilities of many paid video conferencing platforms.)

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