5 Tips to Improve Your Brand Image at Your Next Online Meeting

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Capitalize on Branding Opportunities and Build Trust with Your Guests

Have you ever joined an online meeting only to be met with an automated greeting and a blank meeting wall?

What a missed opportunity, am I right?

Hosts that fail to customize their meetings with a branded message miss out on a valuable marketing opportunity. On the other hand, companies that brand their meetings can capitalize on an opportunity to build trust with their guests.

Want to know how to bolster your brand image with online meetings? We’ve come up with five ways on how you can improve your brand image the next time you invite guests to your conference.

How Can You Add Branding to Your Meetings?

Adding branding to your meeting wall, your audio greeting, and your audio loop is very easy to accomplish and a great way to communicate with your audience before meetings starts.

1. Customize Your Meeting Wall

When inviting guests to your webinars and conferences, you want to customize your Meeting Wall to include your company’s logo. You may also want to include photos of the presenters as well as any contact info or social media tags to help visitors find more ways to reach the hosts.

Be sure to add things like your website URL, your social media handles for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and any other contact information like an email or phone number.

2. Eliminate Your Access Codes

One way to boost your brands image is by eliminating access codes and giving your guests a recognizable phone number.

One number from FreeConferenceCall.com assigns your company a dedicated 10-digit phone number that you can use repeatedly. Your dedicated number will also make it easier for your guests to connect with your conference link and recognize your business’s brand image.

3. Add an Agenda

Add an agenda to your Meeting Wall so guests have access to information about your meeting.

One thing you can do to help users follow along with your presentation or conference is include a list of things to address during the meeting. Not only will this help to usher your meeting along in a timely fashion, it ensures to everyone attending your meeting what the major topics you’ll discuss.

4. Customize Your Audio Greeting

Add an Audio Greeting to your meetings. When guests arrive to your meetings, they can be met with a range of different greetings, from automated robots to silence. When you leave the default greetings, it can confuse guests or come off as a lack of effort.

Instead of leaving this opportunity unclaimed, take advantage of welcoming guests to your meetings using a customized Audio Greeting tailored to your audience. When the audience can recognize your voice as the presenter for the conference, they’re much more confident in their attendance.

5. Customize Your Hold Music or Audio Loop

Customizing the hold music or audio loop that plays while guests wait offers another opportunity for promoting brand recognition. While waiting for the meeting to start, you can have guests listening to a looped audio file discussing your products and services as well as offering your guests ways they can get in contact with your company. Your prerecorded loop is another way to market yourself without coming off as imposing.

Don’t miss out on valuable opportunities to boost your business’s brand using the tools you already have access to!

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