The Meeting Dashboard is a feature rich application allowing users to manage professional online meetings. Once you have logged into your account as the host, a Meeting Dashboard will display, allowing you to control the meeting while it is in progress. Those features include:

Start, Stop & Pause Meeting

The Stop and Pause Feature is not available until you have started the meeting. To start a meeting, click on the 'Start Meeting' button located in the top left menu of the meeting dashboard.

Start and stop

Select Items to Share

The 'Select Items to Share' button allows you to choose which programs (or monitors if you have more than one) to share with attendees. When someone new becomes the presenter, the meeting dashboard is defaulted to not be shared. Items that are selected to NOT be shared will be seen as a gray box to attendees.

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Switch Presenter & Take Back Control

At any time during the meeting, you are able to choose an attendee to take control of the meeting and share their desktop. To give an attendee this ability, click the 'Switch Presenter' button and select the attendee from the drop down menu. To take back control of the meeting, simply click the 'Take Back Control Button. This icon is only displayed when someone else is presenting.

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Attendee List & Invite Others

The attendee list displays who is currently logged on the meeting. This only shows who is viewing the meeting and does not show who is listening into the audio portion of the call. Names will not be displayed until the meeting has started. From the list you can switch presenters and drop attendees from the meeting. You can also send the meeting credentials to your attendees. Click the 'Invite Others' button-A window will open, displaying all necessary information attendees need to join the meeting. From that window, click the 'Copy to Clipboard' button, paste the information to your preferred email client and send.

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The Chat feature allows you to send public messages to all attendees in the meeting or private messages to an individual attendee. Use the drop down menu to choose who to send a message to. Private messages will be displayed in purple. If an attendee sends a private chat and you are currently sharing the Meeting Dashboard, a private message alert will display asking if you wish to hide the dashboard. This allows you to view the private chat without other attendees being able to see it.

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