The Lobby Page

Last week we explained how to customize your lobby landing page using the Lobby Manager. This is where you can view and manage how each part of your lobby will look. Following are the options available for customizing your lobby page:

  • Change your account password
  • Change the background color
  • Preview the Lobby - This allows you to view your lobby as participants will see it prior to joining the online meeting
  • Edit and upload content using the "Lobby Preview" option
  • Add your headshot and contact information
  • Add a company logo
  • Add a meeting title and description
  • Add documents and links to share with meeting participants

This is also a great tool for any holiday!  For this Valentine's Day, customize your lobby however you wish and share it with your someone special, or even, friends and family.

Check out a great example below of what a customized lobby page looks like from a participant's point of view.

*Click the image to enlarge

White square with empty center

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