Top 5 Best Features You Didn’t Know We Have

A woman standing in the park holding her phone, smilingThe world of telecommunications is constantly changing and state-of-the-art features can be overwhelming to navigate. But once you discover all that you can do throughout your conference call, you will regret you didn’t use them sooner.

Our hope is to make your conferencing experience fast, fun, productive, and free with distinctive features that meet your needs. Scan through recordings, rewind live meetings, customize your hold music, and much more.

Turbocharge your conferencing experience with these 5 best features you didn’t know we have:

1)   Recording
Review/share calls

By using the recording feature, you can review and share both audio and visual content anytime. Attendees can access recordings on the Meeting Wall or through a link that is provided to the host. With one click, the recording immediately starts on your web browser. No downloads necessary! You can control this feature on the web controls of your Meeting Wall or under the My Apps tab.

A group of co-workers huddled around a large computer screen2) Web Controls
Manage live conference calls

With the web interface on your Meeting Wall, you can manage the attendee list with one-click commands. Using the attendee list, the host can drop or mute any caller, as well as view each name and phone number. Additionally, you can adjust your audio controls to set on/off callers’ entry and exit tones to minimize disruptions during your call.

3)   Customization
Add a personal touch

Stand out from the crowd with custom hold music and greetings that will enhance your attendees’ conference call experience. Want to be even more unique? Customize your Meeting Wall by setting a personal URL, profile image, background and contact information. These are the first features your attendees see and hear so put your own personalized stamp on them. Try a free trial.

4) Online Meetings with Spark
Instant screen sharing

Host meetings anytime, anywhere with our free online meeting platform featuring Spark. With Spark, attendees can securely join a host’s meeting without pesky downloads. This also includes desktop sharing tools such as recording, a remote control and the ability to rewind in real-time. Watch the tutorial video.

A clock with a person holding on to the minute hand5)  Meeting Bender
Rewind in real time

Can’t keep up with the information being presented on your screen? With Meeting Bender, you have the ability to rewind your live online meeting while the host is still speaking. Never fall behind again.

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