Thank You Very Much

I would like to express my thanks to all of you who make up our wonderful community.

When schools went virtual we took it as our responsibility to help. We were in a unique position to make sure teachers and students had the tools they needed to create an effective, virtual learning environment.

We’ve always offered audio and video conferencing but to take entire schools online, more was needed. We’ve worked around the clock the last 3 months to deliver:

  • Gallery View Video Conferencing With Up To 25 Active Feeds.
  • Whiteboarding and Participant Drawing, so teachers and students can more easily collaborate.
  • Security Codes, to ensure a safe, totally secure virtual classroom environment.
  • In Meeting Reactions and Hand Raising, so students can virtually raise their hands.
  • And We Built The Most Robust Audio Conferencing Feature Set In The Industry. It is unfortunately true that some students around the world can’t effectively join video conferences (be it slow internet speeds, difficulties accessing a computer, etc...) To help, we enhanced our audio conferencing network so that students can use a phone to dial-in, raise their hands via telephone prompts, join break out rooms, everything that they need to participate in a virtual classroom.

These tools will help students around the world as they return to school. And the best part, these schools can access all these tools totally free.

The only reason we can do that is because of you. When you choose, and particularly when you decide to make a contribution, you provide us with the resources we need to help people around the world.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You are incredible. What you allow us to offer is so important to so many.

As you go about your day today, we hope you’ll smile knowing that you’re doing some good when you conference. There are students around the world connecting, learning, and sharing on a platform that we are only able to provide because of you, our incredible community of users.

If you’d like to see stories from more of the people you’ve helped, visit our web page on how people use

Thank you,
Dave Erickson

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