Tell 'Em How You Really Feel: Launches Emojis for Chat

Meeting emojis from FreeConferenceCall.comBy Cristina Varela

In today’s world, less text is more. It seems like we can hardly be bothered to spell out a word or phrase in full (at least, imho) when sending a message. We acronym and abbreviate and emoji our way to communication clarity. Here at, we figured it was time to give our users the ability to communicate as naturally as possible. So we’re thrilled to launch a custom set of conferencing Freemojis® plus a full keyboard of emojis.

When to Use Meeting Emojis

Use emojis during your next video call, or online meeting or mobile app chat! All you need is a reason. Maybe you're dreading the beginning of the week — or very, very ready for the weekend. Maybe you're dealing with coffee deprivation, or waiting for a serial over-talker to take a breath. Or perhaps you've got to step out of the virtual meeting room for a sec. Well, there’s a Freemoji for that!

Get Started

During your next online meeting, use Chat and select your favorite Freemoji as an icebreaker or to liven up your conversation. Research shows that emojis can actually boost engagement and help get your point across quickly and even tactfully. Let Freemojis serve as a sort of visual indicator, a “this is what I’m really trying to say,” when you really don’t have time or inclination to say or type it in full.

In the right context, emojis can demonstrate that you understand current communication trends — plus, it’s just more fun. Ready to get relevant? Check out our available Freemojis for your next conference call.

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