Tales From the Front Lines: Lessons from Your Trusted Customer Care Rep

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By Kelly Kincaid

Why Customer Care?

It was a rare rainy morning in Southern California, and the incoming calls were trickling through the PBX. That’s when I heard my latest caller plead, “I’ve got an online meeting coming up this afternoon. Please help me not look like an idiot.”

Music to my ears! It would be my pleasure. And that, my friends, is a major differentiator between yesterday’s Customer Service and today’s Customer Care. When you call Customer Care, you can rest assured that we know you’re the backbone of our business. You’re a unique individual, and we’re eager to understand your experience. After all, we succeed only when you do—that’s why we welcome those 30-minute screen sharing walkthroughs. Our goal is to delight you, so we’ll go the extra mile. Although, ultimately, we want you to be self-sufficient, comfortable with our platform and loyal for the long haul.

A Change in More Than Just Semantics

In 2015, FreeConferenceCall.com made the switch from Customer Service to Customer Care. It’s more than mere linguistic choice. We recognized that investing resources in training front line employees would yield big rewards when it comes to customer satisfaction and retention. Think protecting the bottom line is more important? Keep in mind that it costs about five times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep a current client. This fact could be particularly salient for those of us in the telecom industry, where there are many companies to choose from. Our philosophy is to hone in on the customer experience, and a healthy bottom line is sure to follow. Customer Care is the heartbeat of our business, a fact that our CEO David Erickson realized when he started the business in 2001 answering every call himself to make sure that he was listening to each customer experience and question.

At the end of the recent walkthrough, by the way, the caller told me he would let me know how his online meeting went. I can’t wait to find out!

And for next week’s Tales, I’ll be revealing trade secrets from our Stevie Award-winning Customer Care Manager, Nella Marov.

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