SimpleVoiceCenter offers 3 Plans to Choose from

SimpleVoiceCenter is a complete voice messaging system offered in three great options; free, toll-free and private number. Below are the differences between the 3 different options:

  • Free -This option provides a toll number to dial into. Each caller pays for their respective long distance charges. After setup simply instruct prospective clients, customers, friends or family to dial into the VoiceCenter, enter the access code, listen to the outgoing greetings and leave a message
  • Toll-Free - This option provides an 800 number to dial into your VoiceCenter. This can support incoming sales calls, coaching sessions, or non-profits where the hosting party pays for each callers phone call. This option costs the hosting party 6 Cents per minute per person that dials in.
  • Private Number -The Private Number option provides a direct dial in number which eliminates the access code and is available at a flat fee of $9.95 a month.

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