Santa's Workshop Now Taking Calls

Santa on the PhoneBack in 2009, one of our employees suggested that we create a Santa Hotline due to the post office cutting back.  Since we offer a suite of communication tools that can be utilized in a variety of ways, we thought that this was a great idea and created a free hotline that children and adults call into, to request their gift wishes.  Ever since then, Santa's Hotline receives messages all year round.

Call Santa's Hotline today at 951-262-3062!

Santa's Hotline* is powered by which is a free voicemail service that provides a toll dial-in number, free call detail reports, online account management tools and is available to users 24/7.  In addition, users can fully customize greetings by recording or uploading them for listeners to access at anytime.  Listeners can leave messages for the account holder to access via telephone or online.  Users can also configure the voicemail account to disable the incoming message feature and even have the listener dial out to another number, like a mobile, home or office phone.  To learn more, visit

Next week we will cover our additional services which are great tools for families, friends and colleagues during this holiday season!

*Disclaimer: Santa's Hotline is meant for amusement purposes only.

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