Rejoice, Rejoice and Use your Voice to Spread the Holiday Cheer

While SimpleBlast is not one of the highlighted services this month, we feel that it's important to include in this post since it's a perfect communication tool for this time of the year. SimpleBlast is great for getting all your friends, relatives and colleagues together, especially with the holidays just around the corner. Send a quick blast to remind everyone of the time and location for your parties, any last minute important changes or simply to wish them all a Happy Holiday season. In addition, show your creative side and send your special someone a holiday message graham. Either way, SimpleBlast is a convenient way to connect with family, friends and colleagues.

Follow these easy steps to send or schedule a blast:

  1. Sign up at the provided link
  2. Add your family and friends as contacts to your phone books
  3. Setup the blast by selecting the date and time you would like it to go out
  4. Repeat as many times as you like-works great for other holidays/events as well

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