Record Today. Share Tomorrow.

Find yourself repeating the same message or sales presentation?

Record it instead! Broadcast it later as often as you want. With our new Broadcaster, you can now play recorded audio files during live teleconferences and online meetings. Great for virtual guests, regular trainings, sales presentations and more.

To use the Broadcaster, login to your account and go to your Meeting Wall. From the Wall, click on the footer bar to open the Broadcaster window. From that page, upload audio files or existing recordings. To play the file while on a call or online meeting, click on the play icon next to the recording/audio file you would like to broadcast.

For further instructions, please visit our instructions page (located under the Features section) or visit our YouTube channel to watch a brief tutorial.

For a live demo of StartMeeting and all it’s great features, please contact our Sales Team at 800-644-9070.

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