Productivity Tip #2: Be the Master of Your Own Devices

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5 Steps to Productivity in 2016 – and the Apps That Will Help You (Part 2)

In our first blog of this series, we (somewhat unwillingly) admitted that we can’t be productive every minute of every day. Part of that is due to the fact that our devices are always buzzing, ringing and dinging. So how can you start to feel like your life isn’t ruled by your device?

Productivity Tip #2: Be the Master of Your Own Devices

Task automation apps like IFTTT (If That, Then That) and Workflow allow you to create recipes for your apps that can save you time and energy—especially when your day is packed. These programs let you connect apps and actions on your device to automate the things you do on your smartphone or tablet.

Llama uses phone masts to determine your location, so that you can set your ringer, vibrate options and ringtones depending on where you are as well as the time of day. Llama provides you with sound profiles so you can quickly switch between quiet, loud, silent and normal sound settings.

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With your mobile device under control, it’s time to organize some of that other ‘stuff’ like the out-of-hand inbox, mountains of papers on your desk and never-ending to-do lists. Check part three of our series for some tips to help you declutter.

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