Now Live in 46 Countries and Counting!

We're glad to continue launching our services around the globe to keep you connected with your colleagues, business partners, family and friends. Simply provide local conference numbers to your international callers and meet with them on the same call for just $4.95 per month!

Enabling international conferencing numbers on your StartMeeting account is easy! Simply login to activate the feature from your Subscriptions page, and save your changes.  When organizing your meetings, provide the international numbers to your callers outside the U.S. and they will connect with you using the same meeting access code.

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StartMeeting is now available in:
Argentina                                Georgia                           Pakistan                          Vietnam
Australia                                 Germany                         Panama
Austria                                    Honduras                        Poland
Belgium                                   Hungary                          Romania
Brazil                                       Indonesia                        Slovakia
Bulgaria                                   Ireland                            Slovenia
Chile                                         Israel                               South Africa
Costa Rica                               Italy                                 South Korea
Croatia                                     Japan                               Spain
Cyprus                                     Kenya                              Sweden
Czech                                       Luxembourg                   Switzerland
Denmark                                 Malaysia                         Turkey
Finland                                    Mexico                            Ukraine
France                                     Netherlands                   United Kingdom
GCC/Arabian Peninsula       Norway                           United States

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