Millennials Changing the Workforce One Free Conference Call at a Time

A group of millenials sitting on the floor, against a wall with devices in their hands

By Cristina Varela, Marketing Coordinator

Adulting is hard. No one said it would be easy — but can you cut us a little slack here? Trying to find a suitable career after college is in itself a daunting task, but trying to get a handle on the ever-evolving tools used in business is no picnic either. Fax machine, Rolodex,  pencil — come again? Today, we scan our documents with cell phones, store our contacts in the cloud and have moved up to an iPencil. Technology is awesome, especially when it helps make our jobs a little bit less complicated.

Whether you’re busting out the doors of your college campus and feeling like you are on the verge of creating the next big social media site, working for a local small business or giving up your soul 18 hours a day as an investment banker, a free conference call service can bring unexpected benefits to your life. You’re probably thinking, “Why would I need a conferencing service?” Bear with me here — the reasons are bountiful, and it starts with reducing cost (and stress).

If you’re starting your own business or work for a large company, chances are there are remote employees. Time in the car and plane are pricey — and we’re not just talking about the cost of fuel or your plane ticket. Travel time is killer! Enter the beautiful thing that we call free conference calls. Never sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic for a 30 mile, two-hour drive or cram yourself into a coach seat for a five-hour plane ride again. Pick up the phone, dial into your conference line (a number that is with you for life, if you want it to be) and connect instantly. What’s that noise I hear? Oh yes, the sound of relief!

Ok, ok! You have to meet the client in person? No need to fear — is here! Our online meeting platform is quick to download and easy to use. With space for up to 1,000 participants (far more than you’ll ever need, trust me), you’ll never have to leave the office. You can be virtually face to face using video conferencing and screen share any presentation or document on your phone or laptop. Plus, you can record the entire session for free and store it in your account, F O R E V E R.

Tell me I’ve convinced you to at least take one less in-person meeting a month? We millennials are on our way to changing the way business is done, so join the revolution and show everyone in your office how today’s technology will save everyone time and, money and bring some peace of mind.

To get started, go to and sign up for your free account. You can thank me later.

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