Love is in the Air

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! How you are celebrating?

If you have a partner in crime, we present alternative options to the usual dinner in a restaurant.  Below are a few options for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

A red mailbox filled with valentines

  1. Make reservations for a couples massage.
  2. Cook a romantic dinner and dress up.  You can still have a great dinner at home.  This will save you time and money.
  3. Grab a coffee and take a romantic walk to the beach or a nice park.
  4. Purchase tickets to a show or a play.
  5. Watch a movie in a drive-in movie theater.

Don’t have a special someone? It’s okay! Remember Valentine’s Day also celebrates friendship.  Invite your family and friends (whether they are single or in a relationship) to a gathering at your home. The reason for the party is to celebrate the great people you have in your life.

  1. Simply have drinks, snacks and play board games.
  2. Watch a movie together.
  3. Share your favorite moments with each other over coffee.

Whether you have a special someone or not, you still have loved ones and make sure to let them know!

You can also send everyone you love a SimpleBlast message letting them know how important they are to you. This can also serve as the invitation to your gathering.

Also, don’t forget to share the love and tell your friends about FreeConferenceCall!

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!


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