It’s Time to Stop Wasting Millions on Conferencing EVP Brad Dupee Shares with Telecom Reseller How IT Decision Makers are Saving Up to 80%

In a recent interview with Telecom Reseller publisher Doug Green, EVP of Business Development spoke to Executive Vice President, Business Markets for Brad Dupee about why business users have chosen to use and why smart resellers and enterprise IT decision makers are looking to For Business.

“The reason they can use it over and over again is because of the quality. If we didn't deliver quality, we wouldn't be doing over a billion calls,” Dupee told Telecom Reseller.

As IT decision makers discover the number of established users within their organizations, they are beginning to look to For Business as a viable alternative to current services. Whereas individual users want ease and reliability, IT departments require a much higher level of security, integration and management capabilities. Dupee says For Business meets those needs with a suite of customization and managed services that provide on-site integration, enterprise-grade information and communication security and centralized management tools.

“We packaged the things like reliability and simplicity and security, dedicated bridging, unique worldwide number sets for a large corporation, and the flexibility and customization that we do, and we charge for that. But we don't do it on a metered basis,” said Dupee.

Dupee sees unlimited potential in the company’s ability to disrupt outdated reliance on toll-free services and is eager to work with channel partners to bring the opportunity for up to 80 percent savings to the enterprise market.

“If you can cut 70% out of an existing expense that nobody thought you could squeeze much more out of, our channel partners are becoming heroes for surfacing this opportunity to their enterprise clients,” Dupee said.

For more information, you can listen to the entire interview here or reach out to Mercedes Bankston at for more information.

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