How to Utilize FREE Telecommunication Tools when Disaster Strikes disaster relief for Katrina

We encourage everyone to be prepared for emergencies of any kind and, during the month of National Preparedness, has highlighted how its services can help when disaster strikes. We discussed how SimpleBlast can be used to record a message and notify up to 10,000 contacts about an important meeting or conference call that is scheduled to take place. We explained how FreeConferenceCall and FreeConferencing are great ways to get volunteers and emergency responders all on one call when time is of the essence.

We also suggested how SimpleVoiceBox and SimpleVoiceCenter are great ways for listeners to access previously recorded conference calls, get status reports and obtain information about shelters and other critical information.

How are you staying prepared? We would love to hear from you. Share with us how you stay prepared using You can do so any of the following ways:

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To sign up and learn more about our disaster relief services, visit or call our 24/7 Customer Service line at 877.482.5838 (Domestic U.S.) or 562.437.1411 (International) or email

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